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History of success

It all started with the creation of a plant for the production of high-quality off-road equipment with its own brand to meet the needs owners of all-wheel drive pick-ups. Production, installation and maintenance, integrated and fully Controlled under one roof, provide maximum quality at a low price. Interest to our cars grew, and we decided to build A new, larger plant with a new assembly line for the production of components in Miami, Florida. Today, Devolro is a well-known American company, which produces equipment and offers high-quality services for SUVs, creating each car its own personality.

Our mission
To realize your dream

Today, a car is an image and a reflection of personality his master. You can surpass others, conquer respect and emphasize your authority, if your Transport will be as unique as you. Our mission is to demonstrate this uniqueness to all the world. Our activities are expressed in the motto "Give freedom his beast! ". We offer you the opportunity to make this. To achieve what you always wanted, to realize your dreams in reality, show yourself to who you really are. Devolro is the perfect way to achieve this. The capabilities of our off-road vehicles inexhaustible.

The Art of Excellence
A thorough approach

Tuning a car is a creative process, in the course of which our specialists help you to make unique pick-up. Devolro has all the necessary equipment and personnel - designers, engineers, mechanics and electricians - to realize the reality of the most bold ideas. After tuning your car will not be is similar to any other, because it will be just like that, as you see it.

Even more

We have created a number of proposals that will suit even selective enthusiasts. We offer a complete list of customizable options from more than 120 trading units, from internal to external design.

Are you looking for maximum in personal and corporate security? Your quest is over, because with Devolro you get an ultimate bulletproof protection for your colleagues and employees. We are installing the best hybrid hybrid armor system on the market, which exceeds the B6 standards. At the same time, it is ultra-light (30 kg lighter) and does not affect the power and speed of the car.




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